The Odyssey - a unique experience of fine dining and sailing at the heart of Athens’ and the Saronic Islands’ gastronomy and culture

Unique experience

The Odyssey by Finewise represents a truly remarkable journey, a cultural manifesto for the support and celebration of Mediterranean gastronomy, with the help of the most talented and award-winning chefs, in a sophisticated sailing setting, along Athens and the Saronic islands. With a renowned curator of the gastronomic experience and at the hands of the most experienced skippers on board of elegant yachts, you will have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional dishes, prepared in places torn from paradise, under the blue sky and in the middle of the impressive landscapes of the Greek islands.

A famous chef

The first chef to join the project is Bogdan Alexandrescu – Chef Dexter – Best Hotel Chef Romania 2023 | Food stylist | Hautes Etudes du Goût @ Le Cordon Bleu Paris & Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne | MasterChef Romania Finalist.

With special attention to every detail, he will be the master of memorable culinary events.

The Odyssey: A manifest collaborative dinner in a local well-known restaurant

The highlight of our culinary journey is a spectacular dinner in a well-known restaurant. Here, you will have the privilege of experiencing the refinement and sophistication of local Mediterranean dishes, prepared from the freshest ingredients, the result of the carefully managed collaboration of Romanian cuisine with the restaurant’s resident chef – a four hands dinner. This culinary experience includes a selection of truly remarkable recipes, transforming every taste present on the plate into an unparalleled journey.

Athens & Saronic Islands

The doors to paradise are open for you! The Saronic Islands offer an incredible variety of places to explore, from beaches with golden sand and caves rich in history to bays with turquoise waters and Blue Flag-certified beaches. Each island has a unique story and hides spectacular places that delight the senses, from music and food to ancient traditions and maritime tales. Poros is a fascinating island with architecture that blends neoclassical style with traditional Greek, where taverns, cafes, and shops welcome guests with wide-open doors. We will arrive in Aegina, the island where Kazantzakis wrote his most famous novel, Zorba the Greek. Known as the “pistachio island,” it opens up to us with beautiful pistachio orchards and culinary delights that celebrate them. Hydra, the capital of the Saronic Islands, teleports you to an unchanged past, with donkeys carrying marine treasures. We will visit them one by one!

Sailing on a catamaran in Greece

A typical day on the yacht begins with idyllic landscapes in front of an aromatic coffee and a hearty breakfast, rich in Mediterranean delicacies. Leaving for new destinations is always a reason for celebration, accompanied by refreshing cocktails. Discovering new locations, islands and bays becomes the main concern of each day. Whether you want to relax in the shade or have fun in the water, the yacht offers the possibility to configure your experience in a personalized way. Afternoons and evenings are reserved for spectacular evenings in places steeped in tradition.

In the end, the catamaran experience in Greece turns into a memorable chapter, where freedom, fun and safety merge to create unforgettable memories.

For more details and reservations, do not hesitate to contact us. We invite you to join The Odyssey for an unprecedented gastronomic and sailing experience in the heart of Greece.