When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Now is the perfect time for vacations on a catamaran, a new and magical idea for seaside holidays, unlike anything you’ve tried before. Our partners at Pikasea Sail will sail in comfort and style with state-of-the-art catamarans – Lagoon 46 and Bali 6. These catamarans represent our trusted partners in this adventure, providing a superior and relaxing experience.

The selected boats for your vacations come with numerous amenities and facilities, such as:

• cabins for 2 people
• cabins with their own wardrobes, bedding and towels
• a common living room
• fully equipped kitchen (stove, oven, refrigerator, sink, crockery and cutlery)
• outdoor lounge
• air conditioning
• generator
• water maker (a fresh water device that provides maximum boat independence, leaving more time for fun and less stress for refueling)
• ice maker
• dishwasher (premium boats)
• inverters (which provide access to permanent 220V current)
• sound system

Lagoon 46 catamaran

Length: 13.99 m  Layout: 4 double cabins with 4 toilets and 4 showers

The Lagoon 46 is the new model launched recently by the French manufacturers, redefining comfort in a truly spectacular way. From this boat, it’s hard not to fall in love from the first step due to the careful design focused on comfort, economy, and generous communal spaces. It offers numerous leisure opportunities, a wide range of onboard facilities appreciated in a warm-weather vacation. Moreover, for the skipper, it provides a cozy cockpit (available in the charter version).

The boat, with its impressive generator, efficient power inverters, and air conditioning, along with a water-maker, ensures a high level of comfort during extended journeys. Designed to accommodate 8-10 people in exceptional conditions, it undoubtedly transforms into one of the most appreciated vessels in its class.

Bali 4.6 catamaran

Length: 14.54 m  Layout: 5 cabins with 4 bathrooms and 4 showers

A new era of fabulous vacations is emerging on the horizon, with the international market trend and the organic orientation of friendly and eco-conscious customers heading towards increasingly higher levels of comfort. Initially, with the spectacular Lagoon 46, Lagoon took a slight lead from important competitors like the models from Bali. However, Bali responded in kind, bringing forth a very serious contender.

The parity and configuration of this model can be different, benefiting from variations according to the preferences of the owners, such as configurations with doubles, each with its own bathroom and shower, or 5 cabins with 4 bathrooms and showers, with the fifth cabin featuring a bunk bed spacious enough for at least teenagers, if not two adults not too corpulent.

One of the most interesting advantages of Bali models is the multitude of sofas, beach areas, and relaxation zones available, where each can find their preferred spot. Whether one likes jazz and prefers to listen quietly in a certain area near the command post on the upper deck, or if others want to unleash the chaos of entertainment in the stern of the boat, while some friends relax in the sun, savoring cocktails on the sofas in the bow, there’s something for everyone to be happy.