Seasickness is the most frequently cited „excuse” or „fear” of those who want to try it, but it seems that getting out of your own comfort zone given the possibility of a conventional vacation thus becomes too much of a challenge.

The even better news is that we all get seasick! Even the skipper (professional pilot of the boat) can get seasick. It’s just that each of us has different levels of resistance. But there are remedies with a 100% success rate. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for this, so you don’t have to worry (there are dedicated medications that can be taken before departure and little seaman’s tricks that work every time). Our skippers will gladly be at your disposal to anticipate and solve any unpleasant situation. The pills do their job wonderfully and practice has shown that more than 90% of those who came with us did not even take them. It’s just that their presence in the pocket of some luggage gave them extra mental comfort and from the next day they forgot about them. Once this threshold is crossed, we are talking about 100% fun.