For the best possible comfort in your cabin, we recommend that your luggage be foldable so that after you have placed your personal belongings in the dedicated compartments, you can store it so as not to take up unnecessary space.

In general, it is good to take light clothes, sports equipment, sneakers with light soles. For the evening you can get a long sleeve blouse or a cute shirt. You can also wear a dress or something more festive for dinner or more romantic walks, but don't overdo it, because most of the time, you'll return with most of it unused.

Seasickness is the most frequently cited "excuse" or "fear" of those who want to try it, but it seems that getting out of your own comfort zone given the possibility of a conventional vacation thus becomes too much of a challenge.

The even better news is that we all get seasick! Even the skipper (professional pilot of the boat) can get seasick. It's just that each of us has different levels of resistance. But there are remedies with a 100% success rate. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for this, so you don't have to worry (there are dedicated medications that can be taken before departure and little seaman's tricks that work every time). Our skippers will gladly be at your disposal to anticipate and solve any unpleasant situation. The pills do their job wonderfully and practice has shown that more than 90% of those who came with us did not even take them. It's just that their presence in the pocket of some luggage gave them extra mental comfort and from the next day they forgot about them. Once this threshold is crossed, we are talking about 100% fun.

A decisive argument, for which an increasing number of tourists can enjoy this type of vacation on yacht comes from the expertise, maturity and professionalism of our partners at Pikasea Sail, with 6 years of experience in creating sailing experiences on the Mediterranean Sea and beyond.

For the first edition of The Odyssey, we have chosen to exclusively address adults to fully savor the entire experience.

For those experiencing a catamaran in Greece for the first time, The Odyssey provides an excursion into a world full of freedom, fun, and safety. It is a magical and novel vacation that is unlike anything they have experienced before. Each day brings opportunities for relaxation, water fun, and exploration of spectacular places.

The Odyssey is not just a sailing or fine dining journey; it is a complete experience that combines the two in a captivating and authentic way. Through collaboration with Chef Dexter and the local Michelin-starred chef, we offer participants an immersion into Greek culture and gastronomy in a luxurious and safe setting.

Reservations are made with a 30% advance, and the remaining 70% is paid by April 30, 2024. The reservation form is available on our website, and our team is available for any assistance and additional information.

The itinerary was meticulously chosen to provide participants with a varied and captivating experience. We explore the Saronic Islands, such as Poros, Aegina, and Hydra, with stops in picturesque places like Russian Bay. Each day brings a new surprise and a memorable experience within an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

In a gesture full of creativity and culinary refinement, The Odyssey brings together two exceptional master chefs, Chef Dexter and a a famous local chef, to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The 4-hand dinner is the culmination of our culinary journey, taking place in a well-known restaurant, offering a selection of remarkable and unique dishes.

The safety and comfort of participants are a priority. We sail with our reliable catamarans, Lagoon 46 and Bali 4.6, providing a safe and relaxing experience. Our experienced and professional skippers ensure that every sea journey is pleasant and secure.

The complete package for The Odyssey includes accommodation and sailing on the yacht, gastronomic and cultural experiences, skipper's fee, and port taxes. Accommodation from your home country to Athens and back is not included in the package.